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Playing Poker Like the Best Players

In order to be able to push around other players at the online poker tables, you need to develop the skills to be able to trick those players to believing what ever story you are selling. If you want them to believe that you have the nuts, then you need to start adjusting your game now so you can sell them on that story down the road. Bluffing each hand will only get you exposed and broke, so here is how you pull off the bluff at the right times.

Mixing Up Your Game Play
In order to keep the best players in poker from taking your chips at will and to position yourself to grab weaker players chips, you have to start doing things differently at the online poker tables. The problem for many players is they become complacent because they feel that sitting at home behind a computer screen gives them the ability to hide themselves and their inexperience. The truth is that as you get more relaxed, you make the exact same plays over and over because you think no one is paying attention. Betting the same speed, the same time, and for the same cards, can give off tells to your opponents.

Bluffing at the Right Times
The art of bluffing usually gets lost on newbies who feel that rush the first time they pull it off, only to blow it by revealing their hole cards to the table like some trophy they just won. Poker players take notes, and they will remember this scenario and call you the next time you try, wiping out all your chips in the process. If you are going to make a bluff, then never reveal your hole cards, never chat you just bluffed, and do not do it too often.

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